House PNA


House PN – Modern House for two families

Visual concept for a modern house designed by our studio.

This minimalist house would be a home for two different generations. Divided into two layouts, with separate entrances.

The first layout has one kitchen, one dining area, a living-room, a guest bathroom, a matrimonial bedroom, dressing and bathroom.

The second layout has all the spaces mentioned above plus two bedrooms for the kids with their wardrobe spaces and one extra bathroom. It also features an open space living-room that can be seen in the interior renderings below. The two homes share a garage and a boiler room (technical area).

2f  4f  3f  5f  IMG_20170810_192751  IMG_20170810_192755  IMG_20170916_173849  IMG_20170810_192722  IMG_20170810_192728  PANO_20170810_192801  IMG_20170716_150349  IMG_20170808_103100  IMG_20170907_165908  IMG_20170915_092932  IMG_20170918_185916  PANO_20170727_125618  PANO_20170807_102542  PANO_20170808_103407

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