PM Contest / Smoking Lounge


Initial Situation:

  • disfunctional & interlaced circulation paths generated by the two conflicting entrances
  • inefficient use of space, almost 50% is lost
  • transitional space effect

Proposal Layout:

  • single entrance
  • 3 main sitting areas: lounge sofa,
    interactive central touchscreen tables, bar stool area.
  • space concept tightly connected to Marlboro brand through the constant usage of Marlboro’s visual identity within the design elements starting from the custom designed suspension lamps to the arrow shaped lounge

plan marlboro


Linking the visual elements of the Marlboro brand with the design of a modern, high-tech smoking cafe / lounge to create a unique space that will visually attract adult customers and offer a pleasant and comforting experience, entering Marlboro’s state of mind.

The project combines the geometrical V-like shape and merges it with different architectural elements: lighting, sitting, flooring and storage.

Our studio mixed the Marlboro colors in a manner and percentage so that the design would not repel potential customers causing them not to enter the lounge, but on the contrary, that the space would seem lit up, calm and relaxing, without aggressive or too much use of dark colors that would have all added up to a tiring and heavy interior.

The main innovative element is a an interactive custom made touchscreen table based on a similar project developed by our studio for F64 Cafe.

The four touchscreen tables are positioned as central pieces, creating a high-tech, futuristic ensemble.

The tables are accompanied by a series of soft low seats that can be used by one or two persons.

The second interactive product used in the design is the Ipad incorporated in multiple places throughout the high counter situated in front of the window.

A visual element that stands out and gives a dynamic feel to the lounge is the rhythm created by the frosted acrylic glass sheets with back-lights used both on the sofa wall area and on the ceiling.
Another visual impact is created by the wall behind the bar which represents a collage of identity slogans, a combination of typography, textures, lights and depths of field that convey Marlboro’s message to the public. For the latter purpose, there are also a couple of large premiums display areas positioned on two of the lounge’s walls and also a smaller totem located near the entrance, next to the hostesses area.

By choosing to keep and position only one entrance we managed to organize the layout more fluently and functionally, thus creating more and better organised sitting areas for future customers.
The goal was to create both a functional and aesthetic space that rises up to the Marlboro premium feel, actively engaging the customers’ interest through the usage of dynamic technology to communicate Marlboro’s campaign and the modern inspired design that reaches out to the public.

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